Sales Funnel Copywriting: Here are Great Tips Entrepreneurs should know…

Every entrepreneur is dependent on sales funnel copywriting to make their funnel work and earn income. If your sales funnel is lacking essential copywriting, you can be sure it won’t bring you many customers. 

For an entrepreneur, learning marketing is one of the keys to success. 

Marketing your business has become a non-negotiable deal. 

Understanding how marketing works is crucial for using it to grow your business. 

One of the fundamental pieces of marketing is a sales funnel. 

When done right, a sales funnel is a powerful automated machine that works while you’re asleep and makes you money. 

It outlines a path your prospects follow when making a purchase. 

To make any marketing work, the language of copywriting is crucial. 

A sales funnel is no exception. Your prospects are propelled by copywriting from the entry point to making a sale. 

In this post, we’re going to cover what copywriting is and why it’s important for making a sales funnel work with maximum efficiency. 

Also, we’re going to cover every aspect of a sales funnel and how copywriting makes it work. 

Let’s dive deep into the topic of why every entrepreneur needs copywriting to make his sales funnel work. 

The Core Principles of Copywriting 

Before we even start talking about sales funnels and how copywriting is their crucial element, we first need to understand what copywriting is. 

First of all, copywriting is a language. It uses the power of words to drive actions. 

That action can be clicking a video, opening a blog post, making a sale, etc. 

As you start learning about copywriting, you’ll start to see it everywhere. 


From every blog post, landing page, email, sales letter, and social media post/ad – copywriting is what makes it all work. You don’t have to know copywriting to write a blog post. It could certainly help though.

But the results you’re going to see are only a fraction of what you could have gotten if you used the language of sales funnel copywriting.  

Let’s start with the first and most important principle of copywriting. 


Today, people’s attention spans are only about 15 seconds short and that number is shrinking every year. The modern lifestyle is full of distractions. 

The first job of a copywriter is to grab the attention of the reader in an endless sea of distractions. To get someone to perform a certain action, the copywriter needs to lure the reader to open an email or read a blog post.

This is done by writing disruptive and intriguing subject lines/headlines. You only have one shot at snatching a reader and bringing them into your world. If your email subject line is weak, your email is simply going to be ignored. 

Once you got your reader’s attention, you need to hook him to read your work. 

This leads us to: 

The Hook 

The hook does what a normal hook does (like a fishing hook), just in a digital sense. 

It hooks your reader so he can’t just run away because he got bored. 

Having an interesting hook is crucial for keeping readers. 

If your hook is boring and not something your reader is curious about, he is simply going to leave your post and continue on with their day. 

You only have one shot to hook your reader. 

If you want to master hooks that make the reader addicted to your content, here are some key elements to consider. 

  1. Your hook needs to talk about something your reader is curious about

If I’m a busy entrepreneur, I’m most likely to skip a blog post that is talking about a movie review. From building a business and managing people to keeping my health on point, I certainly don’t have time to read a movie review. 

In this blog post, in the beginning, I stated how sales funnel copywriting is crucial for making a sales funnel work. A sales funnel is a fundamental piece of marketing and without marketing, growing a business is simply not possible. 

If you’re a busy entrepreneur and you want to grow your business, you will be naturally curious about this topic. 

Early on in the post I only said that copywriting is crucial for sales funnels and that we’re going deep into this topic. You’re letting your reader know that this is a topic that will help him grow his business and he will benefit from taking the time to read it. 

  1. Ask a question or make a bold statement

One of the easiest ways to hook your reader is by asking a question that is benefit-oriented. 

In most cases, your reader will be curious to find an answer to the question. 

Humans are naturally drawn to questions and bold statements. From finding the answer to a question that will benefit us, to debunking a bold statement, human psychology is used to captivate attention. 

I’ll give some examples for this blog post. 

I used a bold statement in the introduction. I stated that if your sales funnel is lacking essential copywriting, it’s going to fail. This statement is 100% true. 

But it’s pretty bold so you naturally want to find out why. 

Here is an example of a question that can be used to hook your reader. 

Is your sales funnel copywriting missing this crucial element for converting more people? 

You’ll naturally be asking more questions. What is this crucial element? How can I convert more people? 

  1. Use powerful words. 

This is an easy way to boost your hooks. Here are a few power words you want to use in your hooks. 

Tiny, Brutal, Crucial, Bulletproof, Dead-simple, Little-know, Step-by-step… 

You don’t want to overuse power words but simply use one or two to spice up your hook. 

The Body 

From grabbing the attention of your reader to hooking him with a hook (also called “the lead paragraph”), it’s time to move him towards the body. 

This is the place where you will educate your reader and shit their beliefs. 

No need to stress this part, you want to use simple and conversational language that is easy to read. You will expand on the topic you used to hook your reader.  

In this case, I’m giving you a detailed breakdown of copywriting and its core elements. 

After this, I will talk about why it’s important and how to use it to achieve maximum results. 

I’m simply educating you and showing you some examples so it’s easier to understand.  

If you did a good job of attracting your reader with a headline and hooking him, he won’t run away from the body.  

The CTA (Call-To-Action) 

The CTA is the place where you ask your reader to perform some sort of action. 

It can be to subscribe, share your blog post, or buy something. 

A lot of times people neglect this core element of copywriting. 

I’m going to show you how to maximize the call to action and get more results. 

Usually, you’ll see a boring CTA like: 

  • Click here    
  • Subscribe here 
  • Buy now 
  • Share this post 

Now it’s time to spice up the CTA with some secrets of good sales funnel copywriting. 

Urgency, Scarcity, Crank up the pain/desire 

If you’re selling a physical product and your stock is getting think, let your customers know they might miss their shot. 

That is, use scarcity to spice up your CTA. 

Buy while you still can (only 5 left in stock!) 

Urgency can be used if you’re selling a membership or hosting a webinar. 

Simply let your reader know there is a limited number of seats or a limited time to perform an action. 

  • Join while you can (3 spots left) 

Now, while using urgency and scarcity is limited, using pain/desire is always available. 

Here are some examples. 

Click here to transform your business in 30 days 

Share this blog post and receive a free PDF guide on Email Copywriting 

I’m using made-up CTA’s just to show you how to spice up your CTA’s and make them more powerful. 

Sales Funnel Copywriting 

Now you know what copywriting is and what are the main elements. I didn’t go into too much detail because I would have to write a whole book. 

It’s time to cover the five stages of a sales funnel and how copywriting is used to make it work. 

Those five stages are: 

  1. Attention 
  1. Interest 
  1. Decision 
  1. Action 
  1. Retention  

1. Attention 

This word should slowly become embedded in your brain. Attention is the most important part of marketing. In marketing, attention is currency.  

You can have to best offer in the world but if people don’t know about it or see it, it will fail. 

That’s where copywriting comes into play. 

The best way to capture attention and draw eyeballs is by having a Social Media advertisement. 

Also, you can use a Social Media post or a blog post. 

Whatever you choose, it’s a copywriter’s job. 

If you choose a blog post, your copywriting needs to be SEO optimized for better search results. 

If you choose a Social Media ad/post, your copywriting needs to be irresistible and stand out from others. 

Without copywriting, it’s impossible to gather attention. 

Copywriting uses human psychology to capture attention and benefit-oriented words that are irresistible to your readers. 

2. Interest 

Let’s say you decided to use a Social Media post and you want to drive traffic to your landing page where people will sign up for your email list. 

First, your post needs to be attention-grabbing.  

How? If you’re using Instagram, use a disruptive picture that is impossible to miss. 

Something your target audience is naturally interested in. 

Here’s an example. 

I’m an entrepreneur who owns a crypto trading platform. 

My picture of choice is a combination of me using my platform and showing a big paycheck I just collected. 

Humans are motivated by pain or desire. In this case, it’s desire. We all want more money. 

The picture will grab attention which will redirect your prospect to read the captions. 

In the captions, I will promote my platform and expand on how I make money with it, what crypto I trade, etc. 

Also, I will promote my email list and a lead magnet. 

The captions will state what benefits people get for following me (learning about crypto trading, making more money) 

For this example, a lead magnet can be a free training webinar for my platform or a PDF guide on how to use the platform’s features. 

People who are interested in crypto will want to use my trading platform. They will sign up for my email list to collect their free gift. You always want to use a free gift, people love free stuff. 

The copywriter’s job is to create an attention-grabbing post and show the benefits they will have from following me and using my products. 

After that, sales funnel copywriting is used to create a landing page for signing up for the email list. 

The landing page needs to communicate the benefits of using your lead magnet.  

You must show your prospects that they will benefit from being a part of your email list. 

3. Decision 

Now they are a part of my world, my email list. 

They went from being clueless prospects to becoming my loyal followers. 


My welcome sequence of emails is what made the transformation. 

So you’re getting people to sign up, they love the idea of buying a membership for your trading platform but they’re not really ready to buy. 

They need more info. 

This is where sales funnel copywriting comes into play, you will create a persuasive welcome sequence of emails. 

As soon as they sign up, they get hit with a welcome email that is welcoming them to the brand and giving them a free gift they signed up for. 

With copywriting, my emails got a lot of opens, they communicated a powerful message. 

Every single email is written for one person, we use their first name and make them feel special. 

A welcome email is something you shouldn’t take lightly. It starts the relationship and the customer experience in a major way.

It will have the highest open rates, so you want to give them the gift and expand on what your brand does and how they will benefit.  

Tell them they will receive 3-5 weekly emails full of tips for trading. 

You can give them updates and educate them on how to benefit more from crypto. 

This is where copywriting takes its full form. 

As I said, sales funnel copywriting is a language. It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you communicate. 

You need to be clear and direct. 

All of this will build your relationship and trust. 

Now, your fans are educated about crypto, your platform, and how they can benefit from buying it. 

They trust you because you actually care about them. 

4. Action 

Now it’s time to collect the prize you’ve been working hard for. 

It’s important to look at your email list like a field of potatoes. 

You can only harvest once. Before you do, you need to plant, water, and nurture your field. 

The same goes for your email list. 

After nurturing your audience, giving them gifts, and educating them… 

It’s time to harvest! 

Your copywriter will need to craft a sales pitch for your product. 

The sales pitch can be a short-form sales email or a long-form sales letter. 

If you’re selling a $50 membership, a 150-word email will do the trick. 


For high ticket offers you would need a sales letter. 

So, they open your sales email and see the pitch. The first objection they have is: “What’s in it for me?”. 

Your copywriter will need to communicate a clear benefit of buying, trigger certain emotions and direct them to the CTA.  

We covered all the important parts of copywriting above, and all of them come into play every single time. 

Because you put so much effort into nurturing your audience, selling will be smooth. 

You’ve built a bridge of trust by putting in a lot of effort. 

5. Retention 

This is the last stage of your sales funnel and one that is often overlooked. 

Most people think after they make a sale, it’s over. 

It’s now over, it has only begun. 

There’s an old saying: “A customer is nothing more than an old prospect who already bought from you”. 

Here’s an example: 

Let’s say someone buys my crypto trading membership. 

They receive an email with more details. 

A professional approach would be to send another email and thank them for purchasing. 

Now, I want to take it up a notch. 

I will give them a discount on future products + a free guide on using hidden features of my platform. 

You should thank your buyers and reward them. 

This will make you stand out and build your relationship even more. It will also keep you top of mind with your customers and make them view you as more trustworthy.

Why should you do this? 

You want to retain your customers and keep them satisfied.  

Your copywriter can make a special “VIP” email sequence for people who purchase. This will make you stand out even more and ensure your customers will stay your customers. 

Communicate with them often, ask if they need any help, and collect positive reviews. 


Sales funnels and copywriting don’t go without each other.  Check out this great Hubspot article on the topic.

From collecting eyeballs to closing deals, sales funnel copywriting is what connects all of it. 

For each stage of a sales funnel, copywriting is different. If you want to learn what I wrote about Landing pages, you can read this post here.

One thing is certain, without understanding and using the language of copywriting, your sales funnel won’t work. 

If you mess up the first stage and don’t gather attention, you won’t have people to convert. 

If you don’t nurture your audience, they won’t buy from you. 

If you don’t retain your customers, your sales will drop with your reputation. 

I hope this post shows you the true power of copywriting and its importance for creating a powerful sales funnel. 

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