Intro to Project Management

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.

Humans in life and in business experience problems and challenges. We create projects to resolve those challenges.

a project is complete when it has hit the goals previously defined and the solution has been rendered. Then it may be an ongoing operation to maintain or the project will be archived.

What are the phases of project management

It will change your life because you will know how to manage literally all the projects that come into your life as well as help your friends to understand the importance of project management and there is a growing community of professionals which you may be able to attack into and find work but the reason we use it is that many of the projects who work on as a marketer.

Entrepreneurs have many different moving parts with deadlines.

So when you build a team you have to have an organized and same way to manage and to push projects out because for most people they have a whole bunch ideas they just don’t have a framework of executing those consistently to make those ideas reality.

What percentage of projects fail and why?

Scope creep, stakeholder mismanagement, and also mismanagement of resources. Also delivering what the stakeholder does not want.


and why, most common reasons

How to use project management in my everyday life

Understand the steps and the process from start to complete on how to manage projects.

You may not need all the steps at first but as you get to more complex projects, you want to get into the habit.

Journal to write the phases and notes in your projects including lessons learned which will be used to make you smarter and more streamlined in future projects.

Something to document

Use a template for all of your projects and have a routine way to manage them.

The first step is to memorize the phases.

$54k–130kper year Project Manager

$86k–140k per year Project Manager – Construction

$100k–170k per year Senior Project Manager, IT

Project managers can also charge a rate per project. This depends on the experience level of the project manager and the industry they are working in.

Make what are the key skills that are required to do well in project management are there any courses or books I can read to become better at project management what is the easiest way or the fastest way to apply project management.

Here is an intro video on YouTube:

PMBOK is a super extensive guide if you’re interested.



*Blog seo course*

create a custom blog

Set up your own domain

how to post

when to post

my frameworks for complete blog post, sep top 10 ranking, how to drive traffic, how to get engagement

Setting up google search console setting up Google Analytics looking at your social media analytics what Tumblr about using google keyword planner brainstorming ideas asking your friends if they have ideas asking your friends if they have ideas using Reddit to find ideas using bond ideas using bog post of other people to find ideas skyscraper method by Rosa Bronson how I write an edit which may not be the best way but

I use a lot of ways to audio Grammarly I use artificial intelligence sometimes to write content even though the content is not great I’m always reading over it I just started outsourcing the abortion of my writing as well This may not make sense when we 1st start blogging because it won’t be a profitable decision it takes a lot of time to set up a solid base and if you’re somebody who likes perfection then this may take a lot longer

Download my handouts for the perfect blog post template make sure you have the right density of keywords in SEO hiring editor might make sense learning how to become a better writer might make sense.

How often do you want to post your frequency what type of people would like to read your post and where they hang out more than anything else should you create about you or try to resolve problems I usually go for problems 1st will you attract an International audience are you trying to focus locally aligning with the Nissan party selected looking at blog sites that are already successful and what they’re doing correctly making a very simple theme at 1st

dan lok talk

Attracting not chasing customers in a predictable and scalable manner
Getting them on the email list
Keeping them on the email list
Getting them to buy a course
Keeping them buying courses
Client retention
Maximize and optimizing the value of each client that comes through the door
1 increase number of customers you get
2 increase the frequency of each purchase
3 increase the transaction size

you need something to systemize

the last thing you want is to systemize stuff that doesn’t work

systems are designed to create a predictable result.



Dream Outcome

  1. Wild & continuous success
  2. Financial success
  3. Get recognized for the work they have done / what they have created
  4. Take care of their loved ones
  5. Own an automated selling system if they don’t have to build it or maintain it, its a positive cashflowing asset for you
  6. Wealth +, Relationships +, with the idea it will ripple into better health decisions
  7. Peace of mind/happiness/ being content and not fearful or on the level of security for maslow

Amazing, working sales funnel in 90 days


  • No automation, not tech savvy or don’t have the time to learn to be
  • Not consistent with daily production
  • Low motivation (at times)
  • No framework or using the wrong framework
  • Not tracking daily progress, numbers, time, project management, maybe a journal
  • Not using the right strategies
  • Not spending the right amount of time – daily activity
  • Not engaging with the right people
  • Not converting followers to sales (or enough of them)
  • Don’t know what to say in an email campaign
  • Don’t know how to write an email campaign
  • Don’t know which software is best to use


  1. How to create a working sales funnel
  2. How to schedule your content for 6 months
  3. How to stay motivated (or at least get back motivated)
  4. How to create a working sales funnel framework
    1. Driving traffic framework
  5. How to track and manage your daily progress
    1. Spreadsheet
  6. How to get your first 30 email subscribers
    1. My Twitter strategy
  7. How to maximize your time on social media for production
  8. How to grow your network the right way
  9. How to convert followers to sales
  10. How to write an email campaign that converts
  11. How to use technology to improve your system

high prices, but a steal for the value

When talking to business owners about their model, I tell them to create cash flow by over-delivering like crazy at first. Then use the cash flow to fix your operations and make your business more efficient. This revision process can be pretty seamless.

  • fully created funnel with a year of emails written
  • drive qualified traffic for you to your funnel
  • create your lead magnet
  • create your advanced email campaign for you
  • Create your products that sit in the funnel for you
  • clean you list for you
  • review your email analytics and report to you what they mean and how to improve from there
  • Evaluate your customer experience through your funnel and improve it
  • Optimize seo on your website for you


10 books that will improve your life

1 Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

burning desire

2 Scale









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