Sales Leadership Books

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Blog Post Ideas for Small Business

As a small business there are infinite amount of topics that you can talk about but you should not just create any type of content you should do keyboard research to figure out what people are searching in the Google and also see what keywor to relate to your niece and this is if you’re … Read more

Tony Robbins Mindset

Mindset is very important. Tony robbins has a certain way of doing things and he started developing at a young age to become a professional speaker. Here are some of the best things I can say about the Tony Robbins mindset. Change the way you think. Your body posture can determine how you feel. Tony … Read more

Gumroad Online Courses

Gumroad is a platform where you can sell digital products. The platform has been around for several years and is a place where creators sell their products and students come to buy. If you are looking for an additional stream of revenue, consider how you can take advantage of Gumroad online courses. You can sell … Read more

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

what is a lifestyle entrepreneur An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk to solve a problem with no guarantee of reward. The goal of a entrepreneur is to take a time and investment and money investment risk into a business model which may or may not work or produce profit in hopes of solving … Read more

Creative Burnout Symptoms

how to deal with creative burnout Anyone who is productive has likely run into burnout at some point. Burnout can make us procrastinate and delay on what we actually want to do. We just need a refresher. Go explore or see a new environment. Seeing things other than what you have been seeing every day … Read more

Mindset the New Psychology of Success Summary

If every action comes 1st from an idea every idea comes from a thought and thoughts create our realities so it’s important to learn about psychology the evolution of your brain and the different parts of it and how they interact and form thoughts but it’s also important to understand how you learn and experience … Read more

Brand Performance Marketing

Creating a brand that performs well is an amazing accomplishment and it comes over time and consistent energy it takes months or years to build a brand but only a matter of moments that destroy one. To really understand the dashboard and key performance indicators of marketing you want to understand traffic and conversions as … Read more

Venture Capital for Dummies

What It Is & How You Can Use It For Your Business You’ve probably heard the term “venture capital” before, but you may not be entirely sure what it is or how it can benefit your business. In a nutshell, venture capital is financing that businesses can use to help them grow and expand. However, … Read more