Jasper Content Creation

Jasper is an artificial intelligence software that can assist you with writing. Jasper artificial intelligence Jasper content ease of use capabilities how to get started what is possible in the free trial the different types of content creation allowed by the platform Blog Title: Jasper – A Revolutionary Content Creation Tool Blog Introduction: Have you … Read more

Content Writing for Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of any progressing economy. Approaching it as a small business where there is less red tape. what is content? does it run the internet? is the main way to get attention, drive traffic, establish credibility, and capture interest? Being flexible. Creating valuable content for your target customers. And being consistent. … Read more

31 Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards… What are the Best Points?

No matter where you are in learning copywriting, whether you think you’re a pro or you’ve never written a word to sell anything ever, this book is chock full of juicy tips, techniques, and strategies that will help you improve your copy across the board. 31 Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards is a straightforward book about … Read more

Beginners Guide to Copywriting

Copywriting is a super-in-demand skill right now. We use copywriting to persuade and sell online. And in this blog post, I want to cover some copywriting basics for beginners. Later in the post, we will discuss some copywriting examples for beginners. beginners guide to copywriting 30 In this post, I want to talk about copywriting … Read more

Social Media Copywriting Best Practices

copywriting tips for social media pay attention to what is already working. Every copy principle including being more casual and conversation-like. Talk in the tone and my mindset is be someone that is cool and fun to be hang around. Create your Market pulse of the best copywriters you can find on the platform where … Read more

How to Get Better at writing stories

How to get better at writing stories Intro: If you’ve been dwelling in the online business space for some time, you’ve definitely caught a glimpse of a term called “Storytelling”. But why is it so important? Why are more and more people talking about this? How does it help online businesses? Before we start answering … Read more

Copywriting for Small Business Owners

copywriting for small businesses is not much different than copywriting for established businesses other than you may be able to be more creative because of less red tape. copywriting for business owners copywriter for small business is about gathering a collection of how other businesses send messages and the frequency. We aren’t trying to copy … Read more