Sales Ideas for Small Business

Make as many offers as you can per week and increase that number over time also track how many offers are making per day. Become better at copywriting and conveying the solutions that your product brings to you customer. Many people decided to learn more about cells or avoid doing the activity because of some … Read more

How to Grow my Blog

Create a social media page I don’t know if it’s best to split your energy too much when you start probably not. Most of your time should be writing and editing what you have to make it more valuable to your readers. keep writing and editing your content because its the main workpiece but sometimes … Read more

How to Grow your Twitter

Post every day, if you can multiple times per day. Post stuff your target audience would like not necessarily what you think is cool. Look at your Twitter Insights to track your key performance indicators. Follow other producers to see how they run the feed. Engaging with your existing followers (answering comments, messages, etc.) Tracking … Read more

Benefits of Journaling

Have a routine. But really no pressure because the habit is up to you. I have found much benefit and just writing with no purpose but to clear my mind. Try clearing your mind with your journal. Writing down your thoughts Drawing doodles and diagrams Your journal just listens and doesn’t give you “any lip” … Read more