Failing Forward Means

failing forward examples The reason for felling forward is understanding that your journey to success is really limited by the number of failures you experience on a daily basis. Don’t be upset when failure happens but rather find a working path to get yourself to victory. Go for no by Richard Fenton is a great … Read more

Community Engagement Strategy Action Plan

community engagement best practices In creating a community, you should have a plan of the steps you want to take to build a thriving and valuable community for each of the members. Every person likes to be a part of a community. Communities are known for uplifting the members and giving everyone a place to … Read more

The Practice of Creative Writing

Heather sellers the practice of creative writing Creative writing is all about exploring unique talents and gifts and having a little fun with the words you put on the page. It is less like technical writing and more laid back. But you can totally have a purpose for your creative writing letting off steam and … Read more

Client Relationship Management Skills

customer relationship management skills are key to having successful relationships with your customers. These skills will help create a smooth process for your customers. The key is managing expectations and assisting clients to success with product. If expectations are set early and met throughout the duration of product delivery, your customer will be satisfied. At … Read more

Hybrid Investment Strategy

Taking advantage of multiple investment classes at the same time to mitigate risks. The goal is investing is to have more than you started off with. A book like The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham may be a great resource. Involves becoming familiar with all the different possible options you have to have to invest … Read more

BMW Customer Experience Strategy

BMW creates a unique type of customer experience and strategy. Treat you. They do a good job at making customers feel valued. A data-driven approach to make the experience more personal for the customer. How they make the customer feel special and empowered.

High Net Worth Retirement Strategies

life insurance having the order universal life insurance and how to use it for spending and investment benefit while you are still alive. Plus the tax benefits. real estate ownership of properties both physical and digital so that you can leverage other people’s money and have control over cash flowing assets. maybe stocks maybe some … Read more

Content strategy 101

The best content strategy is created by observing the greats and noticing what they do well. Your next goal is to become creative and to develop your own taste or voice. There are several steps to great content creation. Content Driven Marketing Using content to generate traffic to your site and your offers. use content … Read more

Customer Education Strategy

The more you educate customers the better you give them the power to make a decision that truly benefits them the most. Some people think you educate the customer too much you will lose them because they will find a better deal somewhere else. What you do is you educate the customer about the products … Read more