Tony Robbins Mindset

Mindset is very important. Tony robbins has a certain way of doing things and he started developing at a young age to become a professional speaker. Here are some of the best things I can say about the Tony Robbins mindset. Change the way you think. Your body posture can determine how you feel. Tony … Read more

Mindset the New Psychology of Success Summary

If every action comes first from an idea every idea comes from a thought and thoughts create our realities so it’s important to learn about psychology the evolution of your brain and the different parts of it and how they interact and form thoughts but it’s also important to understand how you learn and experience … Read more

You Owe You Eric Thomas

You Owe Me By Eric Thomas is a gem of a book. Eric is a motivational speaker globally known. His story revolves around leaving home at a young age because of his need to be mature. Eric D. Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and minister. He is self taught on most of … Read more

Jim Rohn Seasons of Life: 10 of His Best Lessons

Jim Rohn is one of the best self-development speakers of the nineties. His simple sayings live on in the minds of many professionals as being easy to remember and cherish. Jim started from humble beginnings and as he developed into a student of life he realized he must learn and develop himself to be great. … Read more