This Small Business Networking Book is A 100% Bold Game Changer

The difference between “just knowing” people and having a network you can rely on Earth’s population is almost 7 billion and it would be very difficult if we had to do it all alone. That’s why you should fully utilize the power of connecting with other human beings through networking. Networking is how to advance your … Read more

6 Ideas to Increase Sales: The Irresistible Offer

This is a must-read marketing book by Mark Joyner which teaches you the core principles of creating offers that your customers will love and eagerly pay for! It is a short read and entertaining, especially if you like Domino’s pizza! The Irresistible Offer contains several tips on offer creation and ideas to increase sales in … Read more

Entrepreneur Networking Groups

entrepreneur networking group One of the best ways to grow your network as a business owner is to involve yourself in entrepreneur networking groups. There are several available to us including free and paid options. The purpose of joining one of these groups is to meet like-minded people who are from different areas of life … Read more

Tips for Small Business Owners

Many people start their own small businesses to earn a living and take control of their career path. Some of the biggest and most successful companies are small businesses. It starts with the entrepreneur getting an idea of what they can contribute to the world. Take some notes and implement these tips for small business … Read more

Business Tips of the Day

I have compiled a list of some tips that are great reminders for business owners. So here are the business tips of the day: Go hard or go home. The best tip every day for business is to continue making progress until you hit the goals you have. You should probably plan ahead of time … Read more