How to Sell Monthly Subscriptions

how to sell subscriptions. The reason people purchase subscriptions are primarily for access to something or to show support for something. If you learn how to sell monthly subscriptions, you can seriously enhance the value of your business with another revenue stream. See what people want to pay for Study other products that are already … Read more

How to Delegate Tasks in Workday

The steps to delegating are knowing exactly what task you want to have your employee your team membered perform and having instructions that are very clear and defined and you want to make sure that they understand exactly what is required of them and get their feedback beforehand. This is why we need to learn … Read more

How to Start a Copywriting Business

how to start copywriting business Build your network Improve your copy skills Most of your customers will be busy and time poor but they will have the money to pay you to write copy that helps them sell their products. do some free work at first to build rapport and sharpen your skills plus get … Read more

Social Media Manager Side Hustle

social media marketing side hustle Trust and being organized are two of the most important parts of being a great social media manager. If you were doing it on the side then you won’t want to use. Spending your time most effective and setting clear expectations for your customers. Gaining their trust over time and … Read more

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

what is a lifestyle entrepreneur An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk to solve a problem with no guarantee of reward. The goal of a entrepreneur is to take a time and investment and money investment risk into a business model which may or may not work or produce profit in hopes of solving … Read more

How to Prepare your Business for a Recession

Start increasing your cash position and finding additional ways to earn income for your business. A small plan is better than no plan. In case our economy really experiences a contraction, it is best to know exactly how to prepare your business for a recession. Discover what opportunities come from an economic contraction and prepare … Read more

Business Continuity Tips

The goal is to keep your business around as long as you can so you have to continue to improve the profitability. Businesses only last if they are able to earn revenue, make profit, pay for operating expenses, and expand. What are business continuity strategies? has to deal with crisis response too. How to mitigate … Read more

How to Sell Advertising

Create something of value that advertisers would want to be a part of. What is the best way to sell advertising? Follow a working framework. Understand what advertisers want which is more sales and they want to get in front of the right type of people who are ready to buy. If you create something … Read more

Base Camp: What to expect

Entepreneurs experience self-doubt and frustration. What can we do if we don’t feel down or stopped? We can join base camp was an 8 week experience where I learned more about myself, how I feel, and how I think. The Value Danny – Life coach and content creator Dave Shine – Liife coach and spiritual … Read more