To Sell is Human Summary

This book will teach how the core of everything we do as a human is sales. This is not a skill you want to run from. In what we do, we are selling. Humans have been selling since the caveman era and to succeed in life you must be able to sell to others. To … Read more

You Owe You Eric Thomas

You Owe Me By Eric Thomas is a gem of a book. Eric is a motivational speaker globally known. His story revolves around leaving home at a young age because of his need to be mature. Eric D. Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and minister. He is self taught on most of … Read more

Building a Story Brand Summary: 4 high-quality ideas

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is about how humans love stories because we can find something to relate to. A story brand brings a customer on a journey to be a part of something bigger than themselves. It inspires customers and they represent the brand as part of their identity. Stories are how … Read more

31 Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards… What are the Best Points?

No matter where you are in learning copywriting, whether you think you’re a pro or you’ve never written a word to sell anything ever, this book is chock full of juicy tips, techniques, and strategies that will help you improve your copy across the board. 31 Copywriting Secrets Jim Edwards is a straightforward book about … Read more

100m Offers Alex Hormozi: A Path to Biz Success

100 M offers by Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and sales book which teaches you how to craft offers that will separate you in the market and excite your customers. Alex Hormozi is a successful entrepreneur who runs a fitness coaching business and also is a seed investor for multimillion-dollar companies. Alex shares his story … Read more

Private Money Lenders: 11 Top Tips from Private Lender Playbook

If you could become the bank, would you? Once we earn, we will likely find ways to invest that align with our values. People who build wealth eventually become net lenders. Private money lenders have the option to select which investments they participate in. Private Lender Playbook by Brant Phillps discusses passively investing in real estate … Read more