Malcolm Gladwell Books in Order

best malcolm gladwell books how many books has malcolm gladwell written list the books in order with a small synopsis of each book also share gladwell ted talk and his history

Sales Leadership Books

best sales leadership books best books for sales leaders best books for sales managers best sales management books sales management books go for no zig ziglar greatest salesman in the world how i raised myself from failure to success

Theron Q Dumont

Power of Concentration by theron dumont theron q. dumont theron q dumont Power of concentration Your thoughts are very powerful and your ability to focus is a huge difference maker in your life. “Never forget that your thoughts are making your environment, your friends, and as your thoughts change these will also.” – Theron Dumont … Read more

The Checklist Manifesto Summary

What is the checklist manifesto? author is Atul Gawande. Save time after that first miserable try. Checklists can make priorities clearer and prompt people to function better as a team. So they are extremely useful. Our memories and judgement can become unreliable in this immense data driven world so pilots are trained to use checklists … Read more

The 6 Types of Working Genius

6 types of working genius the 6 types of working genius the 6 types of working genius patrick lencioni patrick lencioni six types of working genius The 6 Types of Working Genius is a book by Patrick Lencioni. It is the framework you can use to make better hiring decisions. Pay attention to the Working … Read more

The Prosperous Coach: 3 Powerful Tips to Remember

Coaching is one of the most fulfilling professions to embrace. It is a challenging yet very rewarding path. How do you become the prosperous coach? That’s what we will discuss below. The Prosperous Coach is a book by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin. The goal is to get all the clients you need to be … Read more

The Age of Agile

in today’s world, we need flexible project management to adapt to the needs or changing demands. For that we must study agile techniques to be more efficient with time and money resources. A type of project management that is more recently developed from the traditional framework. Two of the core principles of agile are: “Iteration” … Read more

Escaping the Build Trap

This book refers to product development to achieve success. Hello firstname, I hope you have learned something from this campaign so far.Escaping the build trap. Daily routine for success…. product development working framework Time management It needs to be long enough to accomplish your goal, which is to get people to buy your core offer … Read more