Blog Post Ideas for Small Business

As a small business there are an infinite amount of topics that you can talk about but you should not just create any type of content you should do keyboard research to figure out what people are searching in the Google and also see what keywords to relate to your niece and this is if … Read more

Blog Writing Cost

Depends if you’re talking about time cost or money. If you were doing the writing it depends on what your hourly rate is. create a table of writing costs per word count or maybe by region or experience what about ai writing? really think about the purpose of your blog post who will be reading … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas

Get more qualified traffic Learn how to create content that drives the right type of audience and people you’re looking for to see your offers. you can create articles that link to products or marketing funnels, it all depends on the design of your business and the sales process you create. You can get really … Read more