Do you think poetry is a bad personal brand?

Branding is around you everywhere. It’s how we form relationships with companies and ideas.

What is Personal branding?

A personal brand is a useful tool to build a reputation in the industry of your choice. It is a lifelong process of growing and documenting your journey.

Personal branding is all about creating an audience that develops a deeper connection with you but they also have an appreciation for what you are interested in.

The value of a personal brand

The value of a personal brand is increasing in this world each day. As Gary Vee said, these are becoming more valuable than resumes.

That is up to your perspective, however. A personal brand is usually something you can control and you also control the position you hold in your customer’s mind to some extent.

You can use storytelling and engage more of the senses like visuals and audio to make your personal branding more powerful.

People come to form an impression on you by what you create and the way you treat them. They pay attention to the unique value you provide and what stories make you unique but also relatable.

What can your personal brand do for you?

How can it benefit you?

It is something that cannot be taken away from you.

It takes a while to build but only a matter of a few moments to destroy that credibility so it’s a long term play.

It is unique to you and your journey of personal growth which means it cannot be copied in essence. It is similar to a business in that there is unlimited growth once you tap into to your fullest potential.

It’s all about what you can bring to the table and how you can let your unique personality shine in the content you create.

Authenticity is a key piece of building a strong, lasting personal brand.

Learn about branding, positioning, and life is about building a network of people who trust you. That is reputation and personal branding so this is valuable as an employee or an employer.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think! Are you building a personal brand?

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