7 Networking Tips for Young Professionals

We all want to meet interesting people who aren’t totally interested just in themselves but who care about making a positive difference in the world and who want to connect with others and build strong relationships.

1. Work on your communication skills

Know what type of people you want to connect with and meet them where they are hanging out. Know that is it your responsibility to start and nurture the relationships.

The benefit of having a strong network that knows you is more options. You can read How to Win Friends and Influence People as well as Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty to get some strategic ideas.

You can read this article about one of my favorite communication books and how it can help you excel in the game.

2. Book your calendar

Set up video meetings and phone calls to take your relationships to a deeper level.

Work on your elevator pitch as I was going to be really important a one thing I enjoy a lot

One thing I like about networking is you can literally create who you are every time you meet someone new or you could have a consistent introduction would you think about 2 or 3 things you can bring up if someone wanted to be interested in you.

I still make most of my energy focus on the other person though.

3. Be confident and humble at the same time

Go to physical events and you can attend online events as well. The idea is to form new relationships and see who you can connect with on a deeper level.

Not everyone you meet is going to be a lifelong friend but you will never know that unless you try.

Nurturing the relationships is the most important part because it doesn’t matter who you know it matters how you stay connected with them in the value you continue to provide to them.

Learn about positioning as it can be helpful for people to have in mind one thing you are good at, one thing you are known for.

4. Join or create a group

Get to know some new people and get out of your comfort zone. Connect with people at your gym or in your university. Have a few icebreakers or one-liners you can tell to start the conversation off on a good note.

Find events around your town to meet other new and interesting people. Add the people you really like to your contacts.

5. Follow-up and delivering value is how you nurture relationships.

Program their birthday in your calendar. Nurturing relationships is going to be a great building block of your time. Look for problems you can solve in your network and lead with value. Be a resource for your network.

6. Dress the part

If you are going to a physical meeting then you want to look presentable. But this can even help for virtual meetings too.

Act the part and remember who you are becoming in the process of expanding your network. Establish the system of habits that a successful networker would.

It is just a matter of daily habits and daily time commitments compounded.

7. Keep a CRM, build an email list

Use software to aid you in remembering details about each person you interact with. Collect information like birthdays and possibly integrate your calendar with your CRM.

There is much utility in managing your contacts well especially as your network of influence grows. How you manage your time and what relationships you nurture is something to be intentional about.

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