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Power of Concentration by theron dumont

theron q. dumont

theron q dumont

Power of concentration

Your thoughts are very powerful and your ability to focus is a huge difference maker in your life.

“Never forget that your thoughts are making your environment, your friends, and as your thoughts change these will also.”

– Theron Dumont

In this world where everyone is distracted all the time, concentration can be the difference maker between the success and failure in your life.

Feel that you can accomplish anything you undertake and with this mindset you will be on your way. Study this book and learn how to become better at meditation and deep focus.

Everyone is continuously receiving impulses that must be directed and controlled if they want to lead a successful life. Those who have discipline and control are able to elevate.

The person that does not develop their mental capability qualities will not accomplish much in life. Concentration will be the difference maker in great producers and weak producers into the future. Train your brain which is your strongest and most vital muscle.

Actions that are slower and directed by intelligence and being poised is what develops true levels of concentration.

Concentrated Power of Will

To be able to focus your willpower in a common direction and stick with that task until it’s completed is such a valuable skill to have in this world.

How to Concentrate Better

learn how to quiet your mind and be observing of your thoughts. Learn how to meditate and find a peaceful silent place void of thoughts. Practice in singular focusing exercises.

What are the Benefits?

This will help you stick with the important and difficult tasks that require discipline that most people are just unable to complete or it takes them forever because they keep getting distracted.

“If you want to use your full amount of steam, you must close your valves and direct your power of generating mental steam toward one end.”

– Theron Dumont

This book is an older rendition of Deep Work and focuses more on concentration in all aspects of life rather than just on your working life.

This book reminds me a lot of monks because of how the practices of not exciting or stimulating your mind and giving into instant gratification are what build the ultimate power of concentration and focus.

Your people will begin to notice how you are able to stay concentrated for longer periods of time and your professional career your job, those people will really appreciate how you get work done.

When you feel yourself becoming irritable, use your will and be patient. When you feel an impulse to do something, observe that impulse but do not take action. This is a great exercise in self-control.

This was one of the first books I read that really helped me understand how concentration is going to be the most vital asset we have in the future and those people who get great jobs and great opportunities are the people who are disciplined poised and have the ability to stay focused.

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