How to Prepare your Business for a Recession

Start increasing your cash position and finding additional ways to earn income for your business.

A small plan is better than no plan. In case our economy really experiences a contraction, it is best to know exactly how to prepare your business for a recession.

Discover what opportunities come from an economic contraction and prepare for those events to unfold at some point. Diversify your streams of income as soon as possible.

Be pro-active in your plan and make sure you have income and insurance. Relationships are going to be very important at this point and consumption is going to be less important.

People who have been producers all of their lives will thrive in periods like this.

How to be recession proof

What can you do now. The best thing to do is to become more aware and to create a plan to position yourself for what may unfold.

Identify which markets may be expanding during this period of time like information and entertainment. Create several platforms to drive qualified traffic on that way if one fails you’ll still have multiple sources.


It would be nice to review a money course on economics just to know what governments have done in the past when situations get like this.

What are the symptoms of a recession?

high unemployment

higher prices

interest rates are higher which makes it more expensive to borrow money

What happens when a recession occurs?

Also it would help to learn more about human psychology in tense situations. I recorded a podcast episode that you can listen to here.

During a recession, there will be many more problems to solve in our economy which is the climate for new millionaires to be made. Here are some of the common business problems that entrepreneurs run into.

How to Prepare your Business for a Recession Analysis

If we in a recession, cash is king. And cashflow is very important so start expanding your streams immediately. Remember it usually takes some time before a stream really starts to earn some great revenue so get started as soon as possible.

Nevertheless you want to have cash and knowledge to take advantage of opportunities to buy into cheap assets or income streams.

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