Writing Sprints Online

One of the best resources for this is shutupandwrite.com and use Meetup to originally find the groups.

They have virtual meetings as well as physical meetings but the virtual ones are really effective for the sprints.

The goal is to become more focused and proficient and to make some progress in writing because small progress is better than no progress.

Because everybody gets to work together and be on a focused time increment. Joining that group helped so much that I started hosting them.

What does sprint mean in writing?

They are timed burst of focus writing and it’s more effective when there is a group of people or team all holding each other accountable for getting something done in the session.

It’s a great way to increase your writing productivity with these focused sprints like scrum. I found that shorter time increments work and so fo longer ones so you will have to test to see what works for you.

There’s just something about having a timed session.

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