SEO Inbound Marketing

what is seo?

Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the amount of traffic you get to your website based on the keywords and content you create.

It is an opportunity to meet a host of new people that you don’t know already.

what to do once you get traffic?

how long has it taken to get my number so far?

SEO Inbound Marketing

how much content will someone have to create to get traction?

what are the expenses involved to get this traffic?

Here are the 4 most common types of search intent:

  1. commercial
  2. transactional
  3. informational
  4. navigational

You can use a tool like Rank Match to gamify improving your SEO but really it’s about writing consistently every day.

And reviewing your Google Search Console for the keywords you’re ranking for.

Then reintegrating those into your content, that’s how over time you will get a better rank.

If you learn more about backlinks and how to promote your content to a qualified audience creating an ecosystem, then you can increase your Google ranking and other search engine rankings.

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