Digital Marketing for Solar Companies

Attracting the right people who are energy conscious.

Think about what type of groups energy conscious people are a part of and also what type of volunteer opportunities say take a finish off and you can capitalize on maybe a partnership.

understand the future of solar

solar is kind of like a contrarian truth at this point. We know we need clearer energy but some people still think solar as a main power is a hoax. You want to know the awareness level of the people you are talking to a foem your message according.

Problem unaware

Problem aware

What other products do solar consumers buy?

Amazon search could possibly reveal that customers also by XYZ.

Social media

Building a strong social media presence as the authority in the space would be helpful for years to come. Also a professional website or landing page could assist in adding to the credibility.

Social media provides one of the greatest opportunities for you to connect directly to the hearts and attention spans of your consumers.

YouTube is a great idea. If you can create content with a great hook that educates your customers there’s a great chance though remember the importance of signing up for solar but having some type of urgency or guarantee may help them and since solar is a high ticket product you’ll have to approach the cells in a certain way so maybe you need to build relationships and book more calls to actually make your offers.

How to Get more Solar Leads

How to sell solar leads

using keyword research

Keyword research is hopeful if you’re going online because you want to know exactly what people are typing in to Google.


You can use keywords in your content so that you rank on a search basis that weigh people around the world or in a special occasion who are typing in those keywords can see your articles eventually and you can have some type of form to submit their email or to book a call with you.

look at other successful solar companies and solar influencers and note what they are doing

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