Market Research Online Communities

market research online community

The goal is to perform market research on other communities to see what is already working as far as standard operating procedures to engage and grow the community over time.

The idea is to see if there are any groups like the one you are creating that exist already.

This is because you want to have a unique engagement group and be different from the rest.

Market research is your way of getting into the free communities and maybe even some paid communities as well so you have a really strong analysis of the different value aspects that are offered by online communities

Research what platforms are best for communities and the pros and cons of each one. Learn from people who have been growing communities for years, a lot of people give up because they don’t see results fast enough or they get distracted by a shinier object.

The biggest skill needed is the ability to promote to new members but also keep existing members engaged. Have a habit and a daily routine, and reward to incentivize people to log in to the community while they’re just building a new habit.

Create a content plan and schedule content in the future if you can to automate a portion of the communications for your community.

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