How to Sell Email Marketing Services

email marketing audit

this is a big step in any campaign and if you are selling these services, this is the first step you must take.

With an email marketing audit you want to sign up for someone’s landing patiently magnet consume the lead magnet and notice any areas of opportunity such as branding flow content additional resources working links additional videos et cetera and then you want to see if the emails get automatically delivered to the inbox rather than promotions or Spam confirmed that email make sure you got the lead magnet and then ensure that additional emails are sent and received in a consistent fashion with no typos or errors so there is a big testing part to the email marketing system to make sure everything works before we’re going completely live.

Consider all the benefits that an automated email campaign would provide including communication automation delivery of marketing messages stay on top of mine growing your email list and your marketing funnel and delivering a personalized sequence of messages to each member of that list it is an exceptional value and some customers just don’t really understand how powerful it can be and it can change the trajectory of their business.

You should focus on as people who are aware that email can change their career however they don’t have the time the money or the know how to set up the proper system so this is where you come in with positioning and you make them and offer a great offer that they find difficult to refuse.

Think about what your target customer really needs they need someone to write the emails to implements and possibly to create the landing page in the lead magnet and to test the system to make sure the whole thing works because it’s just email in itself is not the full system so if you write the emails you’ve got a major help to your client but if you can build the system and have the system working so that new prospects can answer themselves on their email list and get automated marketing communications then you really delivered something of value to that customer.

The beautiful thing about an automated system is it’s kind of tough and requires a lot of focus on the front end to create but when you finally finish you have something that works and it can work 247 so that other people can be on permission based marketing and can start to get automated marketing messages so people who don’t understand the value of this that’s fine you should keep going because there is somebody who understands the value in it now it’s about if they’re willing to pay your price.

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