Direct Mail and Email Marketing combined

Main benefit of combining these marketing mediums is having two at the same time so you would have the physical address as well as the email address of your customer and would provide a synchronist communications and this can be very helpful if you do not annoy your customer but truly provide value to them they will have you a stop of mind.

have a budget and a geographic area that you want to target specifically. Direct mail works when you can hit that subject many times.

Analytics you’ll probably be looking at or the rate website clicks and you will have unique links for the mill you send directly so that you can monitor which website pages people are going to based on the link. Split testing is very important marketing and it may be a little bit more expensive to split test with the right meal because you’re actually getting communications printed.

This can be expensive to keep up so it all depends how much it costs for you to get a new customer and how much products that you sell so the average value and lifespan of your customer will be relevant as to what your budget can be to continue and the frequency you can send out these communications.

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