How to Sell Cars on Instagram

Today’s social media landscape can help you grow your business and in the post we will talk particularly about how to sell cars on Instagram. Follow a lot of car pages because they have car enthusiasts who follow and engage with those pages regularly.

Understand the type of person that would make buying decisions on Instagram especially high ticket buying decisions like a car.

What is Instagram great for

Instagram is probably going to be used to connect and find who is interested but not necessarily to make the final sale.

Great photos videos and copywriting is going to help with selling whatever car you want.

How can I use it to sell more high ticket products?

Yet understanding the stages of the sales process is also going to be helpful in nurturing your prospects making your offer and eventually closing the sale or following up until the sale is closed.

Using Reels would be helpful and also tagging people. Plus getting specific with location and feeling/sentiment-based hashtags can help your content get more visibility. Really you want to learn how to create incredible hooks and have a smooth way for people to inquire about your product.

If you can capture the experience and post that on Instagram as well as have copywriting to highlight the unique benefits of owning that particular vehicle then you are likely to get the attention of more people.

If you can put some type of language saying if you’re not interested in buying could you share so we can provide this car to somebody who would really need it, that could help with more awareness.

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