How to Sell Coaching

Coaching is the ability to bring others to a higher level through guidance, mentorship, and support.

create clients

nurture relationships

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how to sell your coaching services

creating clients

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Understand who you are as a coach

write about my experiences and my routine

Make booking easy

You need a place where people can purchase your coaching services online easily.

Your offerings, a time that works for them (and you), and payment should exist with little friction.

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean people will come. This is why using a platform for coaches just starting out. It gives you a nice book page, scheduling which integrates with Google calendar, and payment processing through Stripe as well as video calls in one software! That is the package for coaches intro wise huh?

And the best part is there are no monthly fees at a certain level. If you are just starting out, this may be a viable option. It is better to pay as you go and only pay Introwise when you get paid if you choose this route.

Share value.

People need to be aware that you can help them with their problems. You can reach people organically, or through paid ads.

Paid ads are typically a faster method of acquiring customers, but it costs money and requires running ad campaigns. Organic takes time and more effort.

For paid ads, try offering a free giveaway – pdf download, ebook, free webinar, something that your target audience will find valuable (not something random like a gift card) and will show them the value you can offer. This can be the starter for an email campaign or a more in depth product.

Over deliver

Follow up with an email marketing sequence that shares more value for your target audience, along with calls to action to book a free call with you to discover how you can help. This would be a normal discovery call but the goal is to get them off of the platform you met them and on a call.

Focus on engaging others in this social network, and, again, sharing your value and how you can help people. Along with calls for people to book a free call with you. The more you do it, eventually someone will want to book a call with you.

Stay connected, nurture your network, and provide lots of value so people see why it is worth working with you.

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  1. Delles Simon is a great Coach. He remained my coach for almost one month and I can clearly say I have learnt a lot from him about career development, how to set goals, how to go in a right direction and how to get clients. He talks in such a sweet manner and will listen to you for hours.

    I would recommend him to anyone who wants to advance in their careers, grow their businesses and become a valuable person in their field or industry. Thank you Coach.πŸ™‚πŸ‘


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