How to Sell Advertising

Create something of value that advertisers would want to be a part of.

What is the best way to sell advertising?

Follow a working framework.

Understand what advertisers want which is more sales and they want to get in front of the right type of people who are ready to buy.

If you create something that has a lot of attention generated then advertisers will be more likely to want to work with you.

Find out which products and trends are in right now.

How do I sell advertising space?

There are three main options.

direct one-on-one sales, affiliate marketing, or SSPs (supply-side platforms) are the popular few.

How do you attract advertisers?

Return on investment, qualify traffic, and showing them data that hasn’t been manipulated so directly from the console.

What kind of ads do people prefer?

Most consumers say they hate ads but the data shows that people actually purchase from ads so to some people they are helpful in reminding them of products that they actually want to buy. Advertisers prefer ads that convert the best and leave them the most profit.

How to Sell Ads Online

Have a firm understanding of what advertisers want out of marketing campaigns which is to be profitable and generate more sales.

how to sell advertising space on my truck

Revenue: advertising model

What are some other popular advertising models?

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