How to Sell Ad Space Directly

Fitst of all determine who you want to sell ad space too and you should really understand your customers and the content/value that you offer to them.

Advertisers pay good money to get in front of people who are highly attentive and engaged.

Using a program a Google assistant is a or medium on is a great way to get into an ad program but in order to sell them directly you need to speak with business owners and promoters were interested in reaching your audience.

The better you can create content for a particular type of audience the higher relevant your content is and the more likely you can find an advertiser in that niche who was willing to pay for a spot.

Numerics like the number of engaged sessions you’re getting per month the number of impressions how much content you post and where you are promoting the site all matter in making your offer more lucrative to advertisers.

Advertisers are always looking to optimize their ads been so they’re spending the least sales of possible for the highest amount of cells so if you can convince them that your site can help them produce sales not just more visitors than they will be more interested.

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