Time Management for Busy People

Time management. Busy people does not mean they are being productive. You should work on being more productive.

calendar management so that people respect your time. Reduce the amount of tasks that you do and focus on the pareto principle for max effectiveness.

Having a schedule and a routine. Learning how to delegate and outsource will also help.

Start with your most important task first to gain momentum. Using a calendar and having phone reminders. Address procrastination in your life and do not let it run your endeavors.

Learn how to say no to distractions and to channel your deep work energy. Know that other people will not have the same focus or priorities as you do. So you will need to focus on what’s most important to you.

I have a journal and a system for task productivity so that you can spending the last time thinking about what you need to do and less time looking for lost things. So get organized and have a habit for staying organized.

Maximizing and leveraging your time and taking advantage of twofers and being productive.

Busy people know their priorities how about saying if you don’t see me you’re hurt doing you know you’ve got to look for somebody to react and then nobody reacting.

Plan your day wake up early and have a to-do list that’s prioritized so you can gain momentum.

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