Resources for First Time Managers

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And here are some great tips for first time managers too:

When you start your new role as manager, first listen to your team. Set up a general meeting and even one-on-one meetings with your teammates to get to know them and share your vision and role. Take notes in these meetings. Critical listening is one thing that is a difference maker in normal employees and managers.

Managers should be open-minded and great listeners. So do not judge too quickly or make radical changes until you have gotten the flow of your team and work operations. Managers who succeed are open, approachable and always act with integrity.

So this means they are honest and have strong ethics. Having an ego will not help you be manager. Great managers are true leaders and not bosses.

While adding value to your team. A leader is someone who has followers and you gain their respect.

Understand what your company’s strategy is and how your department fits within that strategy. Understand how your team fits within that strategy as well.

Always keep in mind what your company is good at and the advantages your company has in the industry. Be respectful and acknowledge your team when they win.

The role of a manager is to facilitate alignment with corporate strategy and to deliver their work in regards to ethical practices. Excellent managers represent their teams and build a bridge to set priorities and gain support from their leaders. Managers are able to communicate in tense situations and they have empathy.

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