How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Can learn something like a break even funnel from Russell Brunson. He teaches how to create a funnel that sells a product that will help you get free customers because a percentage of those people will purchase your downsell or upsell.

What is the purpose of customer acquisition cost?

Find out where your customers hang out online.

Always look for cheaper ways to advertise.

How can customer acquisition be improved?

Calculate the exact amount first and then learn how to find easier ways to get the type of customer you’re looking for.

What is a good customer acquisition cost?


What are customer acquisition strategies?

Write down a list of all your current channels and future channels you can take advantage of.

How can you decrease the CAC?

Not guessing but have an exact inventory list of all software and time and resources related to the fulfilling of your product.

How can you become more efficient in your marketing and advertising campaigns?

What are examples of customer acquisition costs?

Document all expenses related to marketing and servicing the customer.

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