Rise of Influencer Marketing

The reason influences have become so important is because the advent of social media has put the powers back into the hands of the customers and since customers are spending more and more time on the pages of actual people and less time on the pages of brands have to get to where the customers are so they start connecting war with influencer accounts.

Influencer marketing also proves to be very profitable for brands and the influencers who take the brandils as long as the products and services are aligned with what the influencer is creating about because brands have the ability to pick a niche or niche based on what that influence is creating.

It’s also cool as the barrier to entry for being a celebrity has dramatically reduced because social media allows anyone with the hunger and knowledge to build a following and become an influencer it’s not regarded for just TV stars anyone with a phone and Internet connection can learn how to become an influencer and eventually secure brand deals.

Brands want to make more cells and they use social media because they have to but they have less power than they used to because social media gives customers more of a voice.

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