Base Camp: What to expect

Entepreneurs experience self-doubt and frustration.

What can we do if we don’t feel down or stopped?

We can join base camp was an 8 week experience where I learned more about myself, how I feel, and how I think.

The Value

  • Accountability
  • New ideas

Danny – Life coach and content creator

Dave Shine – Liife coach and spiritual guy

What it was like – the experience

The pieces involved. Check in on the journey. Communicate with others.

Spiritual – what would you do if you have no limitations?

You can check out their links here.


Frustrated. Lacking some clarity and wanting to be free to express myself and build my life plus my business.


Enlightened. Around some good men who are encouraging and I have been able to make progress.

There’s still more mental work for me to do and now that I am aware of it.

picture of dave and danny

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