How To Write Emails That Sell

how to write email copy that sells

how to write emails that sell

save a collection of emails that influence you to buy

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Make sure the message fits the audience.

Before you begin to write, make sure you will be sending the message only to people who would have some good reason to read it. In this case, the audience was model train enthusiasts. Make it personal. It is better if your letter comes from a person -not an unnamed like “us.”


The audience should know who you are. Use simple, declarative sentences and an active voice. Use the first paragraph to impart the essential information: what, where, when. Incorporate some sense of urgency.

This does not mean the worn-out phrases “Act now, before it is too late” and similar phrases that people mentally throw away. In the email above, the simple word “alert” does the trick at the opening, and later, “I just HAD to let you know” uses my own sense of urgency to justify the message.

Use descriptive, positive language. “eye-popping display,” “wholesome family activity,” “famed,” etc. Include a “call for action,” which may be subtle. Can you find one in the above example? Here it is: “click on CALENDAR for complete details.”

Your Reader

This is simple for the person to do, and costs them nothing. Implied in the call is an instruction to go to the web site. Keep the message short and composed of brief paragraphs. Say “thanks.” Provide your direct contact information.

Incorporate the above in your own emails -sent to people who will have some reason to read it- and expect improved results.


If you don’t write well, have someone else write for you. Hope that helps and thanks for reading.

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