How to Close Every Sale

how to close every sale joe girard

joe girard

The goal of the sales process is to qualify the prospect, position the product and explain m the value proposition.

This identifies the clear return of value to the client with enough clarity for the prospect to request a quote, proposal and make a purchase.

In cases where that is not true, and the need to be pushy manifests, the best remedy is to take a hard look at the sales process and the associated product, value proposition, qualifiers, etc… and improve on those.

Furthermore, setting and then managing the expectations related to the sale significantly reduces the perception of being too “pushy” merely by everybody being in agreement on the effort and it’s purpose.

In sales, the need to be pushy comes from an understanding and a desire for the prospect to take advantage of what the sales person sees as a clear opportunity (to win) where the prospect isn’t in a similar state of clarity (they are not crystal clear on how the product will help them).

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