Affiliate Marketing vs Influencer Marketing

These two types of marketing are very popular and effective ways to monetize assets.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliating marketing is about learning how to promote products and services, Learning how to drive traffic to your promotions, and learning how to sell.

Affiliate marketers get paid a commission on sales made. It all depends on cookie technology right now. And it is not perfect so sometimes if people use different devices to buy you may lose that cookie connection and therefore not get compensated for a sale.

affiliate marketers should pay attention the variety and quality of products offered with their sponsor. And also take a look at several factors such as commission and customer support when choosing the best sponsor for your asset.

Affiliate marketing is a bit easier to set up because you don’t have to develop products. You can pick whatever is already selling and possibly use marketing materials from the products as well as tap into a community of other affiliates who are already selling and have experience with those products.

If you are not great at communicating or creating content then this is something you want to work on for affiliate marketing and influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

understanding what brands are looking for when they participate in influencer marketing. Social proof will always be in. It is how we make important decisions and assume something.

Brands are always looking for new channels to connect with their customers and influencers are important because of the trust that you have built with the type of people they want to sell to.

A disadvantage of using an affiliate program is not having ownership of your customer and that affiliate program can change rates at any time, remove products, or remove your account for any reason so for that reason it is a major risk on the control side of your business.

Being authentic is what builds brand reputation.

their similarities are marketing and consistency is prs

their differences

their importance today and in the future

how the industry has changed with social media and the internet

what your can do about it / how to capitalize

which lane is best for introverts

People with 1K followers call themselves influencers and people with 1 Million followers also call themselves influencers.

At the end of the day, they are being followed and have people that they can convince into buying a product or service. They have influence on them.

Companies and brands will always be looking for influencers to work with as long as social media is a thing.

A lot of these so-called influencers buy likes, and followers which makes it hard for companies to trust someone completely. This is why they do audits and engagement ratio audits.

Both of these types of marketing will be around in the future and affiliate marketing helps because you don’t have to develop your own product to start selling you just need to create your own brand and have a large following to become effective in any of these marketing channels.

as an affiliate you have the ability to learn how to evaluate an audience’s wants and needs. You also get to learn how to find products that fulfill those desires with great rates.

To make sure you don’t destroy the trust you have with your audience, recommend products that you’re actually using and be authentic and ethical in your promotions.

influencer marketing is probably a more long-term strategy as you must build influence first before you are able to sell. Afilliate marketing is usually a quicker entry because you do not have to develop the products.

Here’s an article I wrote about influencer marketing for small businesses.

you just have to find the best products with the best commissions and sell those.


The best method you could start with is creating content. Because content equals Free traffic & more traffic means more conversions.

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