The Prosperous Coach: 3 Powerful Tips to Remember

Coaching is one of the most fulfilling professions to embrace. It is a challenging yet very rewarding path.

How do you become the prosperous coach?

That’s what we will discuss below. The Prosperous Coach is a book by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin.

The goal is to get all the clients you need to be successful and get great testimonials.

This book shares what exactly to do to grow your book of business.

what type of mindset to have and your strategy.

“As I designed my own lifestyle, I got clear that I would need to coach my clients by phone in order to have the freedom to travel as much as I wanted. And I love to spend time in beautiful places, so when I do meet clients in person, we meet in beautiful hotels or in inspiring locations.”

Great inspiration from the author.

I like how the book starts with the goal to outline your dream lifestyle now.

“People pay you not what they decide your coaching is worth, but what you decide your coaching is worth.”

– The Prosperous Coach

To become highly successful as a coach, you need to master three disciplines:

  1. You need to master the business of Creating Clients (to be highly successful, you will need to love creating clients as much as you love coaching clients).
  2. You need to become adept at Fearless Coaching which is a willingness to courageously lead your clients in the most powerful way possible.
  3. You need to be willing to work your own process—and do the Deep Inner Work necessary—so you can see your own blind spots. You can’t take your clients any deeper than you have been able to go in your own life and that’s fact.

The authors say that attracting clients is dead and that the only way to get the client’s now is to create them rather than creating a vision board and waiting for them to show up at your doorstep.

To secure high‑performing, high‑paying clients then you must have impactful, life‑changing coaching conversations.

This is contrary to what most people are doing in business. The authors also talk about no emailing and no cold calls which seems pretty new.

The author also talks about how he never has prospecting conversations under 2 hours.

1. Get a coach

Because you can’t take a client any deeper than you have gone yourself.”

This will show your commitment to the process and also that you are serious about the work you do in life.

Again, there’s a reason we call them disciplines instead of other things like “tips” or “strategies” or “secrets” or things like that.

Disciplines are activities that are practiced. Disciplines are things that you put yourself through and do the hard work.

Soon they become activities you thrill to and breath into. And when they are practiced out in the world with real people, they get amazing results.

After a while they become automatic. They will become natural acts of relationship‑building

Learn to enjoy each part of the process of coaching especially the process of enrolling new members.

2. Failure is the route to success

Failure is your path in your coaching business you can not avoid it and you must use it. The book talks about serving clients so powerfully that never forget engagements with you and this happens when you slow things down and really get to the root of why they want to do what they want to do.

Help your clients dive deeper into places they have never gone. That is a true level of fearless coaching.


Their emphasis on relationship-based coaching as well as the business side of running your coaching company. Because a lot of people avoid or don’t like finding new clients and the accounting/taxes part. But in order to thrive, you must turn this into a side that you love too.

I did some journaling while reading this book to really clarify on my purpose and get direct. Know, Like, and Trust does help with making sales.

Learn to delight your clients but you aren’t there to kiss there butt. You are there to serve them at the highest level. Learn to enjoy enrolling as it is a part a lot of people do not like.

When people pay for a coach, they are paying for more than just the hour. They pay for everything you have learned up to that point.

Booking your calendar for two main events-

3. Creating clients

How to deal with people over time and nurture someone into becoming prime for an offer. And then making your offer when you have seen that they are a great fit for someone you would like to work with.

Stop being so darn busy because it is not helping your business. Slow down to see what you have been missing. Slow down to show focus and being present in the current conversation you are having to dig deeper.

The Prosperous Coach Wrap Up

This book teaches you a neat side of business development and sales. The authors show how deep conversations are where high ticket sales occur.

Which of these tasks will create income and which will not?

That’s what this book will help you decide. If you enjoyed this post, please comment and Share with a friend!

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