Die with Zero: Great Finance Book for Living Life to the Fullest

This book is about lifestyle design and using your finances wisely to experience life to the fullest. This book contains many minder adjustment and practical tips to change your life.

Don’t save too much, don’t save too little like goldilocks.

Memories are probably the most important things that humans are trying to collect while they are here.

book die with zero

die with zero book is about wisely using the resources in your life to maximize your experience and impact too.

This blog post is a die with zero summary. I hope you get something from it. Everybody’s situation and preferences are different so the author makes an effort to present your life design based on what your particular scenario and desires are.

Your health is the most important investment

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Start investing early and learning. Taking risks and seeing which investment vehicles are beat for your long term goals.

Movememt is life and health is key to moving through life. One of our key goals in life is to reduce the rate at which our body declines.

The goal is to stay in tip top physical health and we do this with nutrition, water, sleep, and exercise. It also helps to have good mental health.

Invest in experiences and start early

American culture on work is like a seductive drug but make sure you are enjoying your life along the way too.

Health, money, and free time. Health is the biggest factor which affects the fulfillment curve. It is the most vital of the other factors.

A way to maximize your finances and experience while you are here. If you want a pile of money at the end of your life then that is your choice.

Optimize your life and invest in experiences. We need time to have these experiences.

What to save

Depends on your income and how much it grows per year. I originally learned that 10% was a good amount from The Richest Man in Babylon.


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