Buy This not That

Financial freedom means you get to do what you want when you want.

Making the right choices on the path to building wealth is critical to not wasting your time. This is where Buy This not That comes in.

We can do this by thinking in probabilities instead of in binary terms.

Adopt the Money Mindset

Our goal is to constantly make positive-expected-value decisions in everything we do.

If we start thinking in probabilities instead of absolutes, we can develop a stronger analytical mindset.



You are valuable and have a game plan. You are not wandering through life.


wealth vehicles avaliable to use and which ones to use

This will help in making more winning decisions over time. You will also likely be able to make more winning decisions on risks that others never dare to take.

Your financially free life will mostly be funded through passive-and semipassive-income streams.

The importance of choosing the right career so that you can earn the most money while you’re young.

Summing it Up

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