You Owe You Eric Thomas

You Owe Me By Eric Thomas is a gem of a book. Eric is a motivational speaker globally known. His story revolves around leaving home at a young age because of his need to be mature.

Eric D. Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and minister. He is self taught on most of his skills and he learned from the school of hard knocks. His realism has brought an entire generation of people to vibe with his message and change their life for the better.

How did he come up? From Detroit.


“On the road to success, you cannot afford to make any excuses.”

The only person you are competing with is yourself.

Don’t worry about what someone else has going on and try to compare yourself to them.

Remember that excuses are useless.

Intentionally surround yourself with support.

And support those around you who you care for.

No one fails alone and no one succeeds alone.

Being alone is something we do to ourselves but the world is large.

Real friendship is about making sacrifices to help other people improve their lives.

“Being homeless was something I did. I chose it. I made myself into a victim because I thought the world had mistreated me.”

You’re the most powerful when you are you and not trying to be someone else.

Feel and Find Your Gift

First, you need to be in touch with yourself. You need to be able to feel your gift and to understand what comes naturally to you or to see what you’re deeply attracted to. You owe you is about making the ultimate decision to go for your highest self and to not hold back.

this book is great motivation showing you that Eric built his empire from the ground up. Kind of like I an doing with no silver spoon.


When you are thinking about your superpower, ask yourself: What are the things you do that energize you? List your answers on paper.

Fall in love with your superpower and do not look for others to validate you.

You reap what you sow. You don’t reap what others sow.

Get into your gift and practice it every day. You can’t expect your talent to just shine without sharpening it.

And possibly one of my favorites on Eric outgrowing people. And people who get outgrown naturally fall of that is the way life works. You owe you is about growing to the heights which you are truly capable of and some people won’t be able to develop to this level with you.

Finding your Why

Your why is what can take your superpower to the next level. Your why is what keeps you going.

Your why pushes you forward and keeps you determined. Your why is what gives you something to wake up for.

Focus on the internal and the external fades away. You can learn from one of his most famous speeches here.

Money can’t buy everything. Becoming aware is the first step to understanding what your purpose is.

Find your way, then find a way to make things happen

One quote that sticks with me is that you are both the director and writer of your own life. You have control and you make the choices that determine your destiny.

No choice is insignificant, they all line up to your destiny and where you end up.

Knowledge gives you control over life. Action is what changes your life forever.

Success is actually a journey and you never finish until you are actually finished. It is not a destination and you can always get better along the way.

Also you should learn how to become a better leader.

We are all looking for authentic self expression and to rise to our highest most capable selves. It is a journey of life to embrace. Practice is what solidifies new habits.

You Owe You is about being excellent and grinding harder and longer. Smart work is good, but to become successful you will need do the hard work too.

Remember: the extra mile is never crowded anyway.

Identifying what exactly to excel at and just trying to do what everyone else is doing and creating a system of self evaluation is important.

You can be excellent if you never ever settle for mediocrity. But in order to reach excellence you must make the necessary sacrifices.

Success is never on discount and for true lasting success shortcuts are typically followed by consequences. Greatness must be earned even though you have the seeds of greatness already within you.

You are a business

Know your worth and always increase your value over time by investigating in your self-education. The best way to get ahead in business is to be around people who are already successful in business. These people are already in the business state of mind and they are speaking the language plus walking the walk.

Eric has a scrappy and grinding mentality that I relate to. I also learned a bit of this from Gary Vee which says if you work the hardest and show up the most consistently then your presence cannot be denied.

In the beginning, entrepreneurship is about trial and error until you develop a routine of process to get results. Then you learn, refine your mindset, and refine your system. Become a magnet for greatness.

This is when you start behaving like, talking like, and looking like greatness. Program your mind and your entire experience for greatness and it will come over time as you continue to commit.


A big part of success is taking responsibility. After all, if you can’t take responsibility for your life then you cannot grow.

To keep progressing, it is important that you regularly re-evaluate your skillset and direction based on your values and gut.

Set yourself to a standard and set on your calendar when to review your performance.

Eric Thomas writes this book with several questions and exercises for you to really understand yourself better and the direction you want to go in. I found it to be insightful and it is nice to know more about his humble beginning story.

He talks about victim vs owner mentality (victor) and leave this post being an owner of your situation. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it and Share this post with a friend.

Thank you for reading!

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