A Study of the Toyota Production System

Toyota is most widely known as a vehicle manufacturer.

What about this system works. Desigm out over load and inconsistency to make the operations smoother and more effective.

The system is a major precursor of the more generic “lean manufacturing”.

How to make it more effective. With this new system Toyota is able to produce a remarkable output with a very small error rate.

Just in time production

What can you take from this

Elimination of wasteful movements by workers.

Higher consideration of employee safety

To simplify, the basic philosophy is how do we go from getting a customer request to fulfilling that request?

The practioner would ask:

How do we continually reduce the amount of time it takes, so that in a perfect system we could produce the result immediately?


This is a really neat book to understand more about the impacts of industrialization. The Toyota team was way ahead of the game in their productivity.

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