Building a Story Brand Summary: 4 high-quality ideas

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller is about how humans love stories because we can find something to relate to. A story brand brings a customer on a journey to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

It inspires customers and they represent the brand as part of their identity. Stories are how humans form deep emotional connections with brands that are not human in any way.

Here is what you should learn from this book.

1. Clarify your message

Confusing our customers costs our businesses much money.

This involves simplifying your message and using a formula provided in the book.


Stories can grow your business especially when they are well-crafted and places in the right pieces of your marketing.

2. Here is the story in a nutshell:

  1. Character who wants something encounters a problem
  2. At the peak of despair, a guide shows up to given them a plan and them calls them to action
  3. The action helps the character to avoid failure and achieve success

Needs character development. And a problem.

Tapping into survival, our primitive desire.


3. How to improve your story

  • use the elements of most great stories framework
  • get feedback from other readers

How to get feedback on your story

possibly creating a video to better display your story

Conflict in your story will increase your customer’s interest.

the philosophical problem that our hero experiences. Watching what stories you resonate with when you are watching movies and reading stories and think about why you connect so deeply.

Study what makes a great story.

What needs to happen is a long enough session to answer some important questions. The goal is to better understand how your products and services solve your customer’s challenges and problems. This is critical to applying the StoryBrand Framework successfully.

stories are life with dull parts removed. Great way of looking at things!

the 4 items that make a great villain. Should be:

  • The root source
  • relatable
  • Singular
  • real

Stories have the opportunity to convey your brand promise on a level that deeply identifies with your target customer. Now they really identify with your brand and relste to the emotions and journey conveyed in your story.

Focusing on your hero story and the details that make that story gripping. But remember customers are looking for a guide and not another hero.

this level of connection can enhance customer experience and give you a better position to make a sale.

4. Building a Story Brand Summary

People deal with complexity by trying to make things simpler and using reference points. What helps to convey this is a good story.

This will happen to your company as well; based on interactions with you (i.e. touchpoints), whether you control those touchpoints or not (i.e. your website vs. a review on yelp), a person will crunch all of that down into a feeling about you – an emotion and a perception of your brand. So document your journey along the way.

This will happen whether you have a brand story or not.

So the reason we create a good brand story is so people don’t have to form their own initiative. We can paint a picture.

“Always position your customer as the hero and your brand as the guide. Always. If you don’t, you will die.”

– Donald Miller

Your touchpoints are where you have the opportunity to establish consistency in the experience for your customer. To give them that same consistent feeling.

Cystomer reviews and your social media can paint a different brand story. With social media leveling the playing field for customers and trolls.

So a brand story cannot fix all of your brand perception problems – but the alternative of leaving your brand impression to the chaos of human society or one’s own interpretation is unnecessarily risky.


Here are some other thoughts I have on branding if you want to read this blog post. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think with a comment! Becoming a better reader and becoming a better writer can help in this case.

Here is a video that shows how better story writing impacts movie in a visual way. 9 times out of 10, a company’s business plan is either nonexistent or weak. In the absence of a strong business plan, then a brand story is voided.

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