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This book is about the strategy to grow a very large influence. I have experience on Medium, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whether people like, comment, or share your posts it gives your brand more exposure and allows you to spend less to market your content.

Define your hook point and what makes you unique. The goal is to develop a brand that will be essentially a name that people know and trust.

It takes months or years to develop a brand and a matter of minutes to destroy one so be diligent when you are building.

It will take some time so stick with it. Be patient and continue to refine your skills,

The importance of testing and improving constantly

Split testing your content and regularly reviewing your content for performance and analytics.

Having a testing mentality but also learning from the greats and nurturing relationships with accounts that are larger than yours. You will never know what works until you test it and refine it.

Don’t be upset with the way any campaign or piece of content works. Learn from what did work and what didn’t work and show up to the marketplace better.

Make it Emotional

You content should appeal to the emotions of your viewer for best impact. Humans are emotional creators.

Listen to Your Audience

Once you begin to gain traction, you want to ask questions to your audience to begin better shaping your brand and your content for them. After all when you are small, the goal is to serve your audience unless you are already a celebrity.

Gaining Influence on Instagram



Engagement Groups

To some people, this is cheating but we are no longer in school. These groups help to artificially grow someone’s account by engaging with other pages in a more direct manner. Just make sure you don’t risk getting your account banned but I am totally for them.

Instagram is a visual platform.

This book doesn’t talk about Twitter or TikTok or Pinterest so it is lacking in that regard. I believe it is a lot easier to grow an audience on Twitter but too each their own.

Find out what platforms are more aligned to your goals.

Really focus on who you are and hone your unique voice. I think this comes from selecting your pillars first and then practicing because this will help you refine your own platform and approach. Sharing is how you grow you account fastest and this is why engagement groups are super useful.

Use multiple channels

This prevents one ban from ruining your platform. This is also how you hit different audience types but with the same common interest.

Also, some platforms may be more aligned with your style of creativity. Mastering each platform will give you an edge in this new digital world.

The importance of tagging other users in the content you create to shout them out. People who are around your account size is cool but doing this with people who have a larger audience could pay off in terms of more visibility for your page and content.

Also reduces your risk to get banned by one of them.

Create Your Opportunities

These come from connections and you showing up every day in a major way first to be top of mind. Great long-term content strategy but also being able to notice and take advantage of trends.

Opportunities are available to hustlers and hard workers on social media. Opportunities do not come to you, you must create them.


This book was very insightful for finding your voice and growing a large global audience on social media. If you enjoyed this blog post, please leave a comment. Have a great day!

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