Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

This book is about taking the leap

Regardless of your comfort zone and your fears, you must be courageous to take the next step forward in your life.

The truth is we all experience fear but what makes people successful is what they do in spite of how scared or fearful they may be.

We should notice fear for it is an indication of where we can grow.

The first step is to accept life’s uncertainties. No matter what life throws at us, there is always the temptation of fear.

Those who were paralyzed by their fears are not allowed to grow to their fullest potential.

CHAPTER 1: What are you afraid of?

This first chapter is discussing why we are not alone in being afraid because everyone no matter what level of life has fears.

Fear affects everyone regardless of social standing; we all regularly have to face our fears.

The goal in this chapter is to help us identify our fears. To this end, we learn that there are 3 levels of fear:

1st level — these include fears that every human being has, like aging, death, losing a loved one, etc.

2nd level — these include fears about our deeper self: the fear of exclusion, failure, underestimation of oneself, etc. These fears can have serious consequences on how our lives play out.

3rd level — this last level of fear is about a lack of self-confidence and not being able to “cope” with the deeper layers of life.

To admit the truth (be real) and to develop one’s confidence are the two principal methods that allow us to face our fears.


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