How to Become a Social Entrepreneur

How to be a social entrepreneur

what is an entrepreneur?

what is a social entrepreneur?

what are some of the most known causes to be a social entrepreneur for?

Social entrepreneurship is using entrepreneurship to develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. It is a more holistic view of entrepreneurship not just focused on the bottom line and shareholder dividends.

How to Become a Social Entrepreneur

Philanthropists, social activists, and environmentalists work together to improve the world.

Social entrepreneurs seek to transform societies at large and be responsible with resources.

Rather than obsess over their profit margin, social entrepreneurs use a variety of resources to bring improve societies as a whole.

social entrepreneurship changes with new technologies

One of the main challenges is self-sustainability and conversation. human factor, engaging with people, and experimenting with the world for a better cause. Don’t fear failure and read possibly Peter Theil. These people

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