How to Get more listeners on podcast

being consistent

picking your content ahead of time

additional tips after writing my fullest article on how to start

this is the next level

having our topics outlined ahead of time and being prepared is major part of the consistency that will be viewed by your brand. But what you must get good at it driving qualified traffic to listen to your podcast.

Forming a solid social media strategy

Social media is where most people are spending their free time these days.

When you invest in your business’s growth, it takes a long to time get there, but often times we expect to get there a lot faster and that is just not the case. Podcasting is a truly long-term game and the sooner you accept that adapt your expectations, the better.

It s a long-term financial game but the benefits of documenting your life and sharing your lessons can be felt immediately.

Interview people who are larger than you are. Stick with it and start thinking much bigger. But don’t spend too much time thinking.

How do I get 1000 listeners for my podcast?

The power of groups can not be understated. Surrounding yourself with people who want the same thing as you can be very inspiring. And become influential in that community can help you build credibility and drive more traffic.

Creating a listening avatar for your podcast

How do you increase the popularity of a podcast?

Facebook groups

Word of mouth is still a great resource too.

Make your show easily discoverable

This depends on what your strategy is for distributing your Podcast episodes on available platforms.

How fast can a podcast grow?

Depends on quite a few factors such as your market how much content you produce how well you aren’t marketing that content and how easily discoverable new episodes are for native users of other platforms to discover your work.

What makes a podcast attractive?

For you it’s the opportunity to grow a speaker in to find your voice and it can also become a way to improve your credibility and earn income for yourself in your family. You make a Podcast attractive by being honest and documenting your journey and sharing very helpful lessons and conversations with your audience over time.

What is the best day to release a podcast?

I say release it whenever you created or start to batch produce and release it in the future sometimes so that you can maintain this part of your brand that is consistent.

how often should you release a podcast?

what length of podcast is the best?

is 2 hours too long for a podcast?

what should you not do in starting a podcast

give up

is it worth starting a podcast in 2023?

How long before a podcast makes money?

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas on how to get your next batch of podcast listeners. If you want to, you can listen to my podcast here.

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