Tips for Starting a Blog

Google keyword research

Expanding niche

I know they say pick a profitable niece but you should pick that and also something you enjoy talking about a lot because you’re gonna be writing a lot of content unless you figure out how to outsource in your blog journey.

It will be using free image sites no copyright.

I like to follow bloggers on Twitter for motivation on my feed.

Get into the flow of writing line editing and content editing and become better outlining.

I recommend tracking your focus time at motivation.

Write about something you believe in something that you will learn more about which will make you more of an expert in the future. You understand how your block functions in your Web ecosystem it is your home.

choose a platform best for you

get into your flow state

there will be times when you don’t feel like writing

to win on Google search i believe its content and backlonks and amny as them as you can create and you will have the chance to outlook your competition but you can do so with disruption and trusting the process. Really getting your reps in.

Share your blog with friends and family members to get comments and support.

Cherry links on social media to build back links and to provide value to the audience reserving.

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