Marketing Tips for Small Business

Marketing is the act of getting the word out. Every business has to market monthly to secure new customers.

Here are some of the best tips to apply to improve your marketing for your small business. There are several platforms to promote your business on. The difference between marketing and advertising is…

Start with who you are serving and how your product or service helps them solve a problem.

Then show your value to that audience.

The frequency of producing content is important for staying top of mind in this world. But having an approach and a product that is unique will help the most.

Marketing is a numbers game and it has better effects when you are consistent.

Asking questions to get feedback is how you improve your marketing. Have tough skin/ don’t get offended when people tell you how you can improve your product.

testing different assumptions with time and marketing dollars

Understand your options

don’t split yourself too thin

Find out how to use money to profitably grow your business

Email lists are very important

Staff with understanding your target customer really well

All about connections and building channels.

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