300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand

this book is about becoming a better email marketer

it was one of my first introductions to the power of emai

meera is an author and entrepreneur.

Meera will give you the steps you need to understand the greater funnel system and also on the email sequences. How many you should send, what to say, plus more.

1) A lot of people read emails on their smartphones, so emails must be mobile optimized.

2) Content is an important part of your email marketing strategy because it’s directly linked to your return on investment. Thus, all your emails must reach the recipient’s inbox. Use the email checker to make sure that your text won’t be defined as spam.

Email works best when paired with another marketing medium.

3) Personalization of the content of the target audience takes time and planning, but it can have a greater return on investment. The more relevant your content is, the more likely customers will read it. Learn the rules of copywriting and how to address just one person in your messages.

Personalozation may even easier after you have successfully defined your audience.

No matter what you are selling, you will need to have a clear idea of who exactly your audience is in order to effectively communicate with them and get their attention.

A 2015 study by the DMA found that for every $1 spent, email has an average $38 return on investment (ROI). Businesses cannot afford to not take advantage of this medium.


direct to consumer. Not dead but you are certainly competing more for other people’s attention. Thanks for reading!

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