How to Grow my Blog to 1,000 Page Views Per Month (Guide)

Create a social media page

with screenshots

I don’t know if it’s best to split your energy too much when you start probably not. Most of your time should be writing and editing what you have to make it more valuable to your readers.

keep writing and editing your content because its the main workpiece but sometimes we get distracted.

Staying focused in the everyday process.

It is exciting to start seeing insights but it really does take some time especially if you’re are learning about how to drive traffic at the same time or also building a social media presence.

Following others bloggers to stay motivated. Not needing the money or expecting big financial returns at first.

Being Consistent

Being consistent is a habit you create with your daily routine. It’s about developing useful habits. Using your time most effectively. Time spent in traffic could be used for brainstorming a blog post or writing some catchy post titles. Using time wisely means your blog will be updated regularly which is important for any successful blog. It is an improving piece of work, a dynamic site.

Be Passionate

Successful bloggers are passionate about their subject matter and enjoy writing about it. This shows all throughout their work.

If you love writing about your subject then this work will be very engaging for you. To create great work that is well thought out you will need to have passion.

Set Goals

Have something to shoot for. Understand the stages of your blog’s development and where you are in those stages. Goals are to evaluate your success and show your direction. To have something measurable and manageable is the objective when setting goals.

Keep you working hard to improve your blog and your writing. Keep discovering new tools and trying them if they will help you be more productive.

Take Action

This is the most important step in this whole post because it will teach you through experience.

If you don’t take action then there won’t be a blog. Many bloggers get lost in idea land but freeze up when it is time to write or build their site.

All successful bloggers take action. If they have an idea they think would be cool, they implement it as quickly as they can.

Content creation strategy

want to have a set formula and routine for writing. I talk about more in this blog post (link).

Traffic generation strategy

developing multiple ways to drive traffic to your blog including pitching tents on other people’s platforms. Make sure you are sending qualified traffic.

Some say writing every day is a bad idea. I did for a bit. Then I took a break.

Great valuable content at the core and having a lot of it for your customers to consume

This means getting feedback and really never stopping to improve your work

A plan and execution of it

things grow where you exert energy and persistence

Having the discipline to improve your blog every day is what will help you in the long run and paying your blogging bills ahead of time

When you’re thinking, “How to grow my blog” you may be considering just doing marketing but really you need to test and marinate with your product. Is it a really good product? Do I have the methods for making it better?

Looking at analytics and search console

for site visitor behavior

Google Analytics and Google Strachan console reveal the data. The numbers behind the behavior of people who are interacting with your site.

Making it easier to write daily. The environment. Shut up and write groups or virtual writing groups. Setting a word count goal or writing before a more ingrained habit of checking your phone.

some people don’t believe you should write every day


Become active in a niche forum.

Find a forum where your target audience is hanging out. Create a routine of adding a response to a conversation each day and overtime you will build your influence on the site.

For instance, I am targeting entrepreneurs so my goal is to leave a reply on the Fastlane Forum:

(add a screenshot of my profile)

get better at writing and marketing

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