How to Grow your Twitter: Great Way to Get your first 950 followers

Twitter is not dead. Elon Musk owns it now. In this post, I will share how to grow your account. Read and follow this guide and please give me feedback. There are the processes I followed to grow my account to 900 followers.

Table of Contents

Starting Off

What is Twitter?

A social media platform for information and communication.

Why should you use Twitter?

Great platform for writers and short-form as well as long-form content. It’s a great place to meet other like-minded people and join a community or create one of your own.

Figure out what your long-term plan is and what you will use Twitter for. One of the main benefits of growing your account is influence and the ability to sell. Start with your mindset.

Mindset – Have the right mindest and a long-term strategy

Picking a niche – What makes a great niche? Should I pick something I enjoy doing?

Download app or use web version. Create an account and pick a secure password.

Who to follow and engage with at the beginning. Engage with people who look like they will be.

Your Bio

What are you about?

You only have a few lines to communicate this to your reader.

Your Header Image is important. Most marketers have this branded with a call to action.

Post every day, if you can multiple times per day.

Post stuff your target audience would like not necessarily what you think is cool. Look at how your tweets do and over time and form an understanding of what your audience likes the most. At the beginning, making a lot of noise is perfectly fine.

Getting your first 100 followers

Getting your first followers is probably the hardest part of the journey. I didn’t mind following a ton of people because at this point in the game your follower ratio does not matter.

Connect with other people who are working for their first 100 too. Your bio and your activity is going to be the most important here. Engaging with larger accounts and quoting their tweets.

Knowing who you want to become helps.

But of course this can change along your journey so keep learning and be flexible.

Look at your Twitter Analytics to track your key performance indicators. Follow other producers to see how they run the feed.

  • Engaging with your existing followers (answering comments, messages, etc.)
  • Tracking your brand mentions and responding to them
  • Keeping an eye on retweets and commenting on them
  • Posting comments on the posts of non-competitor accounts in your niche
  • Liking posts regularly, i.e. every day

Should you retweet or hog your feed?

Why I retweet others at this stage

Identify the times and days your audience is most likely to be online

Engage with other people’s content 90% of time

Knowing exactly who you are looking for

Use the pillars exercise or develop a target customer profile. Perform a customer avatar exercises and really think deeply about the type of person you are serving both demo and psychographics.

link to target customer pdf

Content creation

A mentor is going to help you speed up your journey and show you where they felt in the past as well as what you can work on to be more effective in the future a mentor will keep you inspired and show you the ropes so that you don’t have to waste your time usually it does cost for a mentor.

Unless you can be valuable to someone else you can probably get a mentor for free but just remember when you pay for something the whole nature of it changes.

making a lot of noise at first then look at the data.

Embrace the Right Daily Habits

1 hour of engagement a day and stick with it. Slipping engagement between other routines of yours and maximizing your time.

engage with people will look like they are going places.

Your Daily Routine

Growing with people who have said and shown that they are here for the long term and there intent is to be a top producer. Those are the people you spent the most time with in engagement.

Get a mentor or coach

I have worked with a life coach and a Twitter copywriting coach. These two people have helped a ton. Dave helped me get over my self doubt. And Aristide I haven’t worked with yet.

They kept me inspired and with the right mindset for success. They are good friends to have who are knowledgeable in other areas. Having this network is invaluable.

Have a routine of looking at your data

Use Twitter Insights to see your impressions, link clicks, and best-performing tweets. Pay attention to what people are most receptive to.

Twitter has low click-through rate and someday the platform is dead

And like all other social platforms, follower count matters. It matters for:

  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Organic reach

People are more likely to engage with and follow accounts that already have plenty of followers. And they’re more likely to see your content in their timeline because Twitter pushes posts from high-follower count accounts more than those with few followers

Stay focused its definitely slower to grow in the start and can be frustrating but this is something you have to stick with because marketing does work its just a matter of efficiency.

Optimize your bio over time and add a Call to Action

DMs are powerful i feel they take me off of my focus however

Follow your dream 100

Driving traffic

are you creating a website or blog to drive traffic to?

The goal is qualified traffic and you can increase this by hitting your daily engagement goals.

What to say

  • Control over your contacts
  • Engage with bigger accounts

Twitter Spaces

Spaces is a neat opportunity for an audio content creation feature.

Is the first thing people see

Growing your Twitter account is a very step-by-step process of discipline like training for a marathon.

Some account to follow:

Many sites recommend emojis and image but I prefer to just use text as some of my mentors do. Study what is working and try something.


Giveaways are probably the fastest way to grow followers. Learn what your audience needs through market research. You can do this through DM conversations and asking questions on phone calls.

Having bigger accounts retweet your giveaway. Should you make it your pinned tweet?


What to pay attention to

Who to add on your List

Process for engaging with your lists and how to maximize your time on the platform so that you don’t get distracted.

Engagement Groups

understand what your people want out if life and their desired state because that will help you create content. Should be on Telegram so you don’t get in trouble with Twitter.

Engagement groups usually happen on telegram because you can get banned for talking about it on Twitter but the goal is to increase the engagement of your tweets so that your viewers can actually see them.

It’s a group based on reciprocation.


Funnel hacking

Treat others respectfully and appreciate their work as well as post value and attract your target audience. Improving your tweets over time as you get feedback.

Studying other people’s bios and look at their links and customer experience. Maybe have another email address inbox so you can get on their email list.

Look at their offers and what moves you through the funnel.

How to Grow Your Twitter FAQ

How long will it take?

Depends on how long you spend in focused time each day and what you accomplish in that time.

What is the best strategy?

Who should I follow now?


Growing your Twitter account is about strategy and persistence. Connecting with the right people will make your journey more rewarding.

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