Marketing Strategies for Small Business: How to Gain Traction

A few tips that I have used to grow my business with a marketing

There are many great platforms online to market your business and one that I feel is still valid is Quora. At the least, you can get some good market research and ideas for content by reviewing the site and possibly answering some questions too.

The goal was to become a partner on the platform but I have not heard much good news about the site since this effort.

I do however rediscover my passion for marketing in some taste. I learned once again how important search traffic and search intention are in this world. It is the main driver of interest online.

Use a tool like Google Trends to see which topics are popular to track searches and I used Quora to see what the market mind generates. I paid attention to the same questions or which answers received the most feedback.

Understand that Quora primarily promotes evergreen content rather than seasonal content. And we can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to learn specifically what the world is searching for.

You can also play Google alphabet soup where you type new letters and see what search suggestions appear based on search volume/relevance.

Also, pay attention to how they have a UGC (user-generated content) site running ads and that seems to be the model for many great website companies.

I have reworded these answers to be more suited so I wanted to share them. They have gotten the best reception so far and I consider them paramount to a brand builder, these are my best answers so far:

1. What should be my pricing strategy and why?

Do research and development by calling around and searching online to discover what everyone else is charging and what comes with their packages.

Understand the idea of the value array which is basically everything the market is offering related to your service.

  • Take a look at your competition and see who has the best offer and why? Look at their value array.
  • Which elements like price, speed of delivery, and add-ons are your competitors adding to their offers to make them perceived as more valuable to their customers?
  • Create your own offer and remember price is not the only element you can modify in your value array to appear more favorable and worth it for your customers. See what attributes your competitors are competing on, identify what everyone seems to be missing, and adjust your value array (and value skew) so when your prospect encounters your offer they have seen almost nothing like it before.

Research value arrays and value skews if you aren’t familiar with the terms already. It is the equivalent of doing market research before launching.

2. Why is Instagram the best for marketing?

I would argue that it’s not the best.

Instagram is a great platform but if you are seeking primarily business connections then Linkedin will be more effective.

If you are seeking mostly women who are homemakers and crafty then Pinterest would be a better platform to market on.

The best social media platform is the one that connects you with the “right” people you are trying to meet. You should pay attention to the type of content used on the platform if DMs are allowed, and links, and also see what target age group and gender most use the platform the most.

In this case. Instagram may not always be the ideal platform for your marketing.

I have personally found it a little more difficult to close business clients on Instagram because most people who use the platform are consumers. They don’t really want to be sold all the time, they just want to be entertained.

If you go to Linkedin, the climate DRAMATICALLY changes. Professionals who use this platform are looking for opportunities and other business-related connections. There are fewer consumers on Linkedin and more producers.

Choose the platform that best fits who you are targeting and the platform that can best display what you offering or selling. This may get found out by trying a few of then to see how the feel. But social media is a long term play and instant results are usually not the case.

Instagram may not always be the number one priority for you or your business.

3. Can joining a community expand business opportunities?

A community opens doors to new connections and opportunities for sure! There are many physical and digital communities you can join that will accelerate your journey and give you like-minded people to discuss and grow with.

If you join a like-minded community related to your professional field, then chances are you may form new relationships with key people on the same path as you.

Some may be more experienced than you and can provide mentorship or guidance to assist along your path. You may also meet people who are newer to the topic than you are and you can teach them or share your wisdom.

A community provides a place for you to ask questions and get feedback from those who are most interested in the same topics as you (if you select a like-minded or goal-oriented community).

You may meet a few bad apples but more than likely you will meet some amazing people.

Try it out!

4. Why is Facebook the best social media for marketing?

It all depends on your targeting goals.

If you are targeting Gen X then TikTok would appear to be a better platform for your marketing objectives.

If you want to target US mothers then Pinterest may be a better choice.

Who are you marketing to? In what manner do you want to present your marketing?

Is it in GIF format mostly? Then Tumblr

Is it in short form messages? Then Twitter

Is my brand visually appealing? Then Instagram

Focus on who it is you want to target and the platform that will give your marketing content the most potency because it is the type of content people are seeking on that platform.

A great book for this is “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. The platforms may be a bit outdated since the book was written in X. Still, it talks about the importance of speaking the language of the platform you are using, and using the same type of paste for multiple platforms is bad practice and not effective.

5. How do you manage your Instagram marketing?

I use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule content. I post stories that are related to my brand and I make offers on my stories (on a weekly basis). Creating content is only one part of the creation process.

The most important part of marketing at this stage is supporting others (positive engagement) and building relationships in the DMs. I like to have a target customer profile that I am engaging with the most. The goal is to get people off of Instagram and into my CRM or my phone contacts.

So I no longer need Instagram to market to them. Needing Instagram to access and store your business contacts is a major risk.

6. What are good ways to make business connections?

Here are a few methods I use to make new business contacts:

  • Facebook groups. Search your location + “business” or “entrepreneur” and join a group that looks promising. When you are in the group, find ways to contribute to the conversation. Show support to the existing members and make positive connections.
  • Use Meetup or Eventbrite to find virtual and physical events related to business. You can also use Facebook Events.
  • Ask your current business friends if they have any like-minded business colleagues they can connect you with.
  • Develop your presence on LinkedIn. Create an appealing page, post helpful content, and connect with a plethora of business contacts on the platform. It is a goldmine.

Thanks for reading, I hope you pick your platforms wisely. And eventually, create your own. Here is my Quora profile, check me out if you’re on the site too.

Let me know what you think with a response!

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